Of Spanish and Morrocan roots, Ana Saeeda is dancer and choreographer, as well as teacher of Belly Dance and most Middle Eastern dances.Her love of dance has been present throughout her life until she decided to dedicate herself to dance at age 17 and had her first class with Cristiane Azem.On starting classes I felt as though my body and soul were full of joy and both were joined in harmony of expression: I had discovered my being.Following this first tremendous experience, I decided to study the movement of the body in all it's forms through dance, music and eastern philosophy;in this way I soon came to a fuller understanding of dance.Shortly after this, I was dancing in a number of different Arab restaurants in Madrid and then I had the opportunity to study with eminent masters such as Shokry Mohamed, Fathy Andrawys, Youry Sharif, Farida Fahmy, Mahmoud Reda, Raquia Hassan, Diana Tarkan, and the "Ghawazi" in Egypt amongst others. My journeys to Egypt were what gave me a profound understanding of eastern dance, it's significance and, above all, it's magic.It was on a journey to Rabat in Morroco, where I had been invited to perform with an orchestra of arab musicians, that I began to understand the characteristics of the dance performed in public which is so typical of this culture, and it was here that I began to understand the importance of improvisation. From my very first visit to Morroco I have always felt very comfortable with the people and the culture - I feel at home. However, my interests are not limited to eastern dance: I have studied a wide variety of different diciplines from classical ballet, jazz ballet, cotrmporary dance through hatha yoga, Ijengar yoga, afrobrasilian dance, Sufi, Persian dance and Arab and Irani percussion. My desire to learn has taken me as far as Brazil where I studied afrocontemporary and local folk dances at the UFBA in Salvador de Bahia. On returning to Spain, I joined the Ballet de Arte Negra directed by Ronaldes Mozzangue and Daisy Carvalo. In short, a wide range of studies and varied performances have contributed to my work both inside Spain and abroad. Because my name is now known in the world of dance it has allowed me to work with a very diverse range of artists in a variety of diciplines. In 2005 I was selected to join the first International company dedicated to eastern dance, the Brllydance Superstars. Two years of touring in the US and Europe followed which allowed me to develop and international reputation while working alongside other artists of international standing. This experience taught me how to work effectively within a company and gave me the opportunity to learn from artists like Amar Gamal, Julina, Sonia, Ansuya and Saida. After the tour I needed to go back to my roots in Egypt where I was able to take classes with Raquia Hassan and Diana Tarkan. I should also like to mention a teacher who has been very important in my development - Amir Thaleb. I dance as I feel when I am influenced by music: dancing completes my soul and fills it with love. My journey of discovery has not stopped and I am now learning about the world of the Sufis and their poetry and mysticism. Primarily, I learnt the "giro sufi" in Egypt and then later with Banafsheh Sayyad with whom I also studied Persian dance. Thanks to this, I joined the Persepolis group of Iranian dance and music; I danced with Majid Javadi and Nantha Kumar in the Casa Persa and am in contact withMahdi Saltampoor of Danza Azari. I have performed in various festivals of dance such as Bellysur Dance, organised by Alika, Reks Madrid, organised by Nesma, Stockholm Festival Gao Calo, organised by Gabriela Gutarra as well as galas in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Sweden, Grmany, etc.Currently, Ana is giving classes both at professional level and student level throughout Spain as well as putting on shows with her students. Acknowledgements. I thank all my co-performers of dance and the musicians who have allowed me to show my art; I would also like to thank all the organisers of festivals and galas: Alika, Nesma, Mariyan Mammaeva, Nuren, Carolina Grandela, Majid Javadi, Wafir, the Melhoui orchestra, La asociasion de danza oriental de Canarias, Shellza and Jamila Surya; above all, my students for allowing me to share my art and, of course, my first teacher Cristiane Azem who showed me the grace and magic that I fell in love with. Not forgetting Tarek Halabi for his support and help and all that he has taught me about dance, arab music and percussion. And, of course, my mother who has always supported me in anything I wanted to do with an infinite and unconditional love.

Gracias,Ana Saeeda